About the Centre

Mission and tasks

The mission of the Centre is

to promote Ukraine's integration into the EU by supporting reforms aimed at harmonizing and unifying key areas of the state's functioning with European best practices and experience. To achieve this, we study the most effective mechanisms of public administration used in EU countries and analyze the possibility of their implementation in Ukraine, taking into account the specifics of the state.

Our team is well aware that today it is difficult to significantly accelerate the institutional integration of Ukraine into the EU, because significant obstacles to full membership in the European Community will exist for a long time. However, we will actively promote de facto integration by harmonizing the dynamics and quality of reforms in the country with the processes in the EU.

Our team

dr Aleks Moldowan

dr Aleks Moldowan — President

Specialization: Investment Climate in Central and Eastern Europe

Professional experience:

Over 10 years of professional experience holding managerial and expert positions in think tanks, public authorities, corporations and business associations. Completed traineeships and got practice in the public authorities in the CEE countries (Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Ukraine, Hungary, etc.) that are involved in the formation of investment climate.

The author and expert of more than 60 policy-briefs and policy-papers for politicians and state officials, more than 100 analytical reports and expertise for private corporations.  Author of more than 200 analytical articles and columns in Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian and Slovak languages in the leading business journals, magazines, newspapers, official bulletins.

Education: Economic Security of the State (Ph. D.), Institutional Economy (Second Ph.D.). Business Management and Economics (Master's Degree), Political Science (Master's Degree).

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Polish and Russian.

Contact: e-mail: olmoldovan@gmail.com

Eugene Shpytko

Eugene Shpytko — Сhief Executive Officer

Specialization: Expert in media, business and investment.

Professional experience: The founder and editor-in-chief of the independent business portal Mind.ua. Former editor-in-chief of such business web-portals as  "Ekonomichna pravda", "Real Economy", "Forbes Ukraine”.

Education: National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy

Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Contact: eshpytko@mind.kiev.ua

dr Natalia Ustinova

dr Natalia Ustinova — Head

Educational Programmes Department

Specialization: Cross-cultural Communication in Europe, Business Etiquette, Multicultural Teams Management.

Professional experience:

Psychologist, business consultant, certified trainer. Mrs. Ustinova has been learning cross-cultural communication and business culture in 5 countries of the region. Seven years of professional experience includes cooperation with corporations, public authorities, non-profit organizations (NGOs).

The author of more than 20 trainings and public lectures dedicated to business culture and cross-cultural communication as well as methods of management in different countries of the CEE.

Education: Social Psychology (Ph. D), Managerial Psychology (Master's Degree), Human Resources Management (postgraduate education).

Languages: Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Contact: eustrategy2030@gmail.com

Adrian Verner

Adrian Verner — The Head

Economic Analysis Department

Specialization: Industry of the CEE countries.

Professional experience:

Mr. Verner has been working in investment companies that deal with investing in the CEE countries for more than 5 years. Has been conducting analysis of perspective brunches and industrial facilities of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. He is well versed in energy industry, mining and metallurgical complexes of these countries. Has actively participated in privatization of attractive industrial facilities in the CEE as a foreign investors` consultant.

In recent years he has been consulting on investments in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. Has experience in cooperating with investors from Western Europe as well as with the representatives of Eastern Europe business.

Education: International Economics (Master's Degree).

Languages: English, German, Czech, Russian.

Contact: e-mail: eustrategy2030@gmail.com

dr Aleksandr Sloboda

dr Aleksandr Sloboda — Head

Department of Political Analysis

Specialization: International Politics

Professional experience:

Mr. Sloboda has been researching political aspects of international relations of the CEE countries for more than 10 years. Has gained working experience in research and analytical centers together with experience of working as an advisor to senior government leaders on foreign policy issues. He has actively participated in the development of the Visegrad group as an expert.

The main area of interest is the interstate integration projects in the CEE. Being a consistent supporter of the close integration of eastern members of the EU, he became actively engaged in the development of the “Three Seas Initiative” initiated by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda. Mr. Sloboda is also participating in various projects in frames of the Carpathian Euroregion.  

Mr. Sloboda is the author of more than 100 science, analytical, feature articles published in 6 countries of the CEE.

Education: Political Science and Conflict Management (Master's Degree), PhD in Political Science (University of Wroclaw).

Languages: English, German, Slovakian, Czech, Polish.

Contact: eustrategy2030@gmail.com

Konrad Stachowiak

Konrad Stachowiak — Senior expert

Specialization: Economics and Investments in the countries of the Visegrad Group.

Professional experience:

Mr. Stachowiak has a great experience in transnational corporations of the real sector of the economy. Has been providing investment support in the countries of the region due to which is versed in the legislation and practice of investment implementation in many countries of the CEE.

Together with the main practical activities he is actively involved in research projects in non-governmental analytical centers. Has participated in the development of policy-briefs concerning way of strengthening of economic integration of the Visegrad Group. Now he is one of the experts that are working on improvement of integration of business space of the Visegrad countries. 

Education: Economic Cybernetics (Master's Degree), Business Strategy and Economic Policy in terms of globalization (postgraduate studies).

Languages: English, Polish, Slovakian, Czech.

Contact: eustrategy2030@gmail.com

Fields of Activities

Economic Policy Research

Political Analysis

Public Administration Research

Economic Security of the State

Educational Programmes and Trainings